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A motto we have is "Work together and Rise Together" and that is the environment we want to cultivate.



Meraki Haus has no non-compete.

Meraki Haus prefers fitness certifications. (Can be completed within 90 days of employment for reimbursement opportunity).

I am happy to help guide and lead in the right direction if needed.

CPR/First Aid Training Certification is also required which I am also happy to help work with and lead you in the right direction to get all of that taken care of.

If you do not already have a CPR certification this Haus will reimburse CPR/First Aid cost once  for 90 days.


Pay is per class/per workshop/per private:

  • Pay without Certification: $25 per class

  • Pay with Certification: $35 per class.

  • $100 per 90 minute Haus scheduled workshop

  • $60 per 1 hour Haus scheduled private lesson

  • $15 per Haus scheduled Open Gym Hour Hosted

Responsibilities& Perks:

  • Arriving 10 Minutes before scheduled start time.

  • Guiding Students/members to online purchases through their phone or our kiosk.

  • Pre class Student check-in for pre-booked students.

  • Weekly Class & Haus social media marketing.

  • Class preparation time.

  • Access to Grip Aid.

  • Pre class equipment & room safety check.

  • Post class mingling and clean- up.

  • Unlimited personal training time (by scheduled approval).

  • $15/HR buddy pass for personal training time only (by scheduled approval).

  • Unlimited classes (as long as there is at least 1 paying patron present).

  • 20% off Haus rental for personal use (by scheduled approval).

  • PTO

  • Training

  • Opt In Quarterly Schedule change.

  • Quarterly mandatory meetings to connect, express, & grow together.

  • Yearly Bonuses/Perks through Attendance & Achieving Haus Goals.

  • Meraki Haus has a quarterly 7 day closure called the Breath Cycle you can read about on the website (which you will be paid for).


If this is a position you are intersted in - please send your resume' to

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