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I am a deeply intuitive multidimensional human who holds space and gently guides you towards your own answers that you may seek.

Through much experience, connection to spirit and many tools and apparatuses - I help you unlock doors and pathways needed for your life journey.

you are the magic you have been waiting for and sometimes we need a guide to help us remember.

Through love: tough & gentle I speak and take action with authenticity.


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Spiritually Intuitive guide geared towards embodying your full authentic truth


Choices and circumstances change paths drastically and we must all face the effects.

Sometimes you find people or people find you at the right moments and you feel called for reasons you may not discover until much later in your journey.

It is up to you to follow your own inspiration; Kismet.

Energetic guidance provides permission slips for your soul to step into the creator in this physical realm you have always been and always will be.

Mind, Body, and Soul Coherence.


Working with me is not for the faint of heart.

you are held responsible for all parts of your life.

I allow what must come through to come through in whatever form that takes.

I only open the door - you must step through on your own.


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